Commission Duties / Commission Rules and Regulations                       



Seasons of Play

a)         Each sport restricts itself to one season of play.

            1)         The Fall season will comprise of the following sports:

                                    Cross Country              Boys Soccer                 Field Hockey

                                    Aquatics                     Football                        Volleyball (B & G)

            2)         The Winter season will comprise of the following sports:

                                    Basketball        Wrestling          Curling        

            3)         The Spring season will comprise of the following sports:

                                    Golf      Tennis   Badminton   Rugby   Track & Field  Girls Soccer

                                    Ulimate Frisbee(Needs to be sanctioned - OVSAA)

b)         Start and End dates

                        - as per BCSS Handbook, section 7.1.3

c)         Organization of Valley Leagues:

In cases where the commission has not set up a play-off structure prior to the season.

            1)  Where there are more than eight teams only the top eight from league play will qualify for the Valleys.

            2)  In cases where there are fewer than eight teams and there is an odd number of teams, the bottom team from league play shall be dropped from the                                    Valleys.                                                                             

d)         Berthing for Senior Competition - each zone is guaranteed only one berth in the  Valleys.  Allotment of other berths may be decided upon based on                                   

registrations in the particular level of competition.